Lost and Found

If you have lost or found a pet in our designated areas, please come by the Humane Society Pet Rescue and Adoption Center as soon as possible!  If you are unable to visit immediately, we welcome you to contact us via telephone. During your search for your lost pet or a found pet please use these helpful tips:

Contact the Alabama Pet Registry: 205-9692241 or visit : http://www.lostfoundpets.us/ Alabama Pet Registry is a lost and found service that provides free advice. Follow their recommendations carefully.

  • Contact all area shelters and animal control officers for your area.
  • Put the following information on all flyers, notices, and ads:breed, color, sex, age, collar color, microchip number, area lost/found, date lost/found, your name, and two phone numbers. (A picture is always very helpful!)
    • Place an ad in the lost and found section of all local newspapers.
      Found ads are usually free!
    • Use On-Line Lost & Found Services
    • Put up flyers in your neighborhood and all surrounding areas.
  • Ask children in the neighborhood during your searches
    Children are usually VERY observant and enjoy being helpful.
  • Contact your own veterinarian as well as other clinics in your area.
    If the pet was not already microchipped, ask your veterinarian or local shelter about microchipping!

Special Considerations For Finding Your Lost Pet:

  • When looking for your lost pet, visit Animal Care Facilities Personally, Promptly, and Often.
    Assume the responsibility for finding the lost pet yourself. It is very difficult for employees to recognize your pet because there are so many that they care for each day!
  • Search the surrounding areas each morning and eventing.
    Call the animal by name, take some treats with you, and expand the search area each day.
  • Offer a REWARD.
    You do not have to specify an amount and it does not have to be more than you can afford. People are more likely go out of their way when you promise a reward.

Special Considerations When Helping a Found Pet:

  • Keep the animal confined in a safe place.
    Contact your local animal control agency and arrange to have the animal picked up.

Shelter Hours:
10a-4p Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri
10a-2p Saturday
Closed Wed and Sun

If you live outside our designated service areas, please contact your local Animal Control Office as soon as possible.

How NOT to lose your pet:

  • Microchipping- Humane Society Pet Rescue and Adoption Center offers this service for only $25.00! Call today for an appointment.
  • Spay or Neuter Pets-Altered pets are much less likely to want to roam.
  • Keep pets confined in a secure fence when outdoors-Both wooden and chain link fences require regular inspections and maintenance. Invisible fences work only as well as your pet’s training and the battery in it’s collar.
  • Pets may try to escape if they become frightened by loud noises-Always bring your pets inside during severe weather, fireworks or during construction work.
  • Always use a leash or carrier when transporting pets away from home.
  • Keep collars and tags on pets at all times, even during baths.