Mona Maddox: Secretary

Growing up in the Muscle Shoals area, then in Richmond, Virginia, I was raised with sisters and brothers who had four legs. They were members of our family.  Around 1999, fairly new to Gadsden, I reported a cruelty case to the Humane Society and realized I’d found my niche with kindred spirits needing organizational help behind the scenes.   While working a summer at the old shelter on Chestnut Street, with an up-close and personal view of the clear and immediate need for change, I made a personal commitment to help improve conditions for these sweet souls, find alternatives to euthanasia and increase adoptions through better outreach for funding. After volunteering and meeting supporters, I was invited to join the Board and now look back on an incredible journey, while looking forward with immense and positive hope.  As an Administrative Professional and animal rescuer, the HSPRAC has given me an outlet to give back some of the love I’ve received from decades of animal companionship.  They have proven that all resources, small and large, are needed and appreciated in our goal of reducing the number of homeless animals and treating them all as part of our families.